I fell flat onto the rough hard ground.
Face down, with burned thighs and a bruised lower stomach.
It hurt, but it felt good in a sense that it made me feel more alive and active.

I’ve been spending my days being indoors, only dodging the cuts that you can get from paper or the razor when shaving. Following the safest solutions to get me out of trouble and stress. The past is the past and it’s all slowly fading. Going down the list of “adult things to do” is what’s left, or is it? Responsibilities? Stability? Bills? What? I don’t know anymore. 

Someone convince me again that commitment can actually be enjoyable.

"My work is not that of a screenwriter. My stories are more abstract and above all they are graphic. Trying to explain images with words has always struck me as odd. I don’t think it’s a good idea to explain what’s behind the drawings in this book, or to analyze them or try to justify them with theories. Nor do I think there’s anything to understand, they can be simply looked at and enjoyed. Intrepret them in the most personal way possible.”

- Mariscal Javier

So, I have been interning for Sesame Street and let me just say that it was the best first internship EVER. Endless cuteness, colors, and happiness everywhere. What’s there to complain about, especially after being spoiled with all these Sesame Street goodies. I’ve also had the opportunity to see one of my designs become a physical product. You can see the link to the iphone cases on my behance here. Tomorrow’s my last day but I hope to go back again next semester.